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                        "There is something so special about horses.....

Every horse, no matter what size, shape or colour has a unique gift that can uplift the human spirit, help us to understand our emotions, and take us closer to our true self."

Full of wisdom, in your silence what do you see? What do you feel? What do you know? Share with us and help us learn the wisdom of the horse.

Peacefully grazing in the sun, perfect trust, content to be within each other's company. 

It's sad to know that in this day and age cruelty and abuse of animals still goes on, even in the most busy town or the quietest deserted field there can be suffering. In the past I have worked with the RSPCA, and other animal charities helping to provide a safe haven for those animals in need. Some have become success stories and now lead happy productive lives in their new homes. Others sadly, who were less lucky, are now at peace and rest in our orchard under the trees. Never forgotten, each life had a story to tell and a lesson to be learnt so that even in death and tragedy the wisdom of the animals can still help us.

I will never be able to understand what makes man hurt innocent, vulnerable creatures, but at least we have one corner of the land where they can all feel safe, cared for and loved. If you think that an animal is being abused or neglected then please do something about it, don't assume that others will, just take a moment and make a report to the RSPCA, their website is www.rspca.org.uk and gives details of what you can do to make a difference.

All our horses are barefoot and trimmed with the ideas and training learnt from Dan Guerrera www.barehoof.com