About me

Hello and welcome to my website. I am so glad you have taken the first step by landing here. I hope that you enjoy reading and sharing in some of my moments. But first a little about me so that you can start to understand where my ideas and feelings come from.

Most of my my life has been spent around animals and children and I think that this has helped me become a more sensitive, empathic and compassionate person, to recognise and understand the many difficulities and emotions that can affect us all at one time or another, and also how to be in tune with nature and all it's powers. From having pets myself to looking after other people's pets, from learning to ride to learning to teach, to teaching to ride, and then on to owning a riding stable, with many fun moments and ups and downs along the way, there is never a dull moment where animals are concerned. 

I prefer to use holistic and complementary therapies wherever possible and my horses are used to choosing their own essential oils or having a reiki massage or licking their own boulder crystals and picking their own herbs when they feel the need. But like any modern day horse owner I also work closely with our vets when needs be.

I love tarot and oracles and have been reading tarot for over 30 years now. I daren't count how many decks I have but I have a growing collection that expands my knowledge and keeps me up to date. I am a member and one of the Dedicated Reader Team for the Soul Development Forum where I give free readings and teach free Tarot Courses, including one of the first approved courses studying the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. I am also an endorsed reader for TABI, The Tarot Association of the British Isles.

I am a practising reiki master and crystal worker and I use my intuition and empathy to give me a unique insight into situations. I believe that all readings, whether tarot, or oracle or any other method, should be empowering, should boost morale, and offer insight into situations by making suggestions and showing possible opportunities and alternatives. I believe that the future is not set in stone, and that we all have the ability to change our path by our actions and the decisions we make; because of this my readings are not usually predictive, but they can indicate energies and influences surrounding situations and events and in this way hopefully my readings can offer support and help guide us to all think more deeply and so answer our questions ourselves.

What is the point of giving away your personal power to a reader who may deny you hope by giving some outrageous prediction? Surely it is far better to receive help in a message or reading that will empower you and inspire you to take back charge of your life? One that will nurture your hopes and dreams and help make them become a reality rather than dictating the future for you? For this reason I do not predict, I help you to see more clearly the paths ahead of you, and to make your decisions from a place of enlightenment and contentment, of peace and serenity, without force or threat.

Why Lady of Avalon?  

  Some people ask me why I chose the screen name of Lady of Avalon ?  

The name to me evokes mystery and peaceful power from the ancient lands of Avalon. Ever since reading the book 'The Mists of Avalon' by Marion Zimmer Bradley and then following the later completed series from  The Forest House (1994), Lady of Avalon (1997), Priestess of Avalon (1997) back to The Mists of Avalon (1979) I have loved the feeling, stories, emotions and landscape of mystical Avalon. A world where horses were a part of everyday life, where magic and wishes came true and where inner peace and healing were taught. There have been many Lady's of Avalon; those who can call the barge that travels between this world and the next, and part the mists of the lake and see into the world that lies beyond the curtain that blocks the sight for non-believers.

Favourite Decks

One of my most favourite decks must be the Way of The Horse by Linda Kohanov  A powerful oracle deck that can offer insight and inspiration for everyday matters or for more serious focus on inner topics. Linda has also written two brilliant books The Tao of Equus  and Riding between the Worlds

".... Way of the Horse is useful both as a divination deck and as a book of deep insights (255 pages) into the Way of the Horse as a teacher of self discovery.

The book consists of forty chapters, each describing one card. Each chapter begins with the card title, key phrases conveying the card's concepts, and a discussion of the image depicted on the card, its meaning for the reader, and its mythical/archetypal history......"

The Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

"... The Fool has come a long way, traveled from far beyond to come to this pinnacle that rises up upon the edge of the world; and yet her journey is just about to begin. She senses this with instinctive perceptions as she rises up upon her toes...Enlightenment and understanding, glory, achieving prominence, vitality, radiant joy and energy, invigoration, health, assurance, confidence...."

Another favourite of mine is The Glastonbury Tarot by Lisa Tenzin Dolma

"....The Glastonbury area is rich in story and myth, and encompasses all of the archetypes to be found in the tarot. By many, this area is considered a sacred place, and the heart centre of the world. Glastonbury is a melting-pot of cultures and philosophies, visited by pilgrims from all over the world, and this is reflected in the paintings and text, which draw on figures and stories from the Pagan, Christian, and Druid traditions......"

I also adore the new Pamela Smith Commemorative Tarot Deck that celebrates 100  years of The Rider Waite Smith Deck.